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Ellie reached her 600-hour level certification in April 2011 and has been teaching and pursuing yoga ever since at Vibe Yoga in Bloomington, Indiana. We discussed surfing and what parts of your body it demands. From there, we picked out the simplest and most effective poses to improve overall strength, flexibility and balance. view more

This yoga sequence was designed especially by ATEEKA for YogaEverywhere. With the asanas demonstrated by TARA ANGIOLETTI. Best of all, with Yoga for the Surfer you can feel like you’ve been to the Islands even if you do only one or two of the poses. Imagine how great you’ll feel after the entire sequence! view more

The ancient practice of yoga has grown deep roots in the surfing community. Both physical and spiritual, surf and yoga work together for a clearer mind and a stronger body, with high mutual benefits. view more

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At Magic Surf Morocco, we know that in order to get the most out of the amazing swells in this part of Morocco, our guests need ways to prepare their bodies for surfing, stretching their achy muscles and relax. So when we found out about the huge benefits yoga can have for surfers, we decided to make yoga an integral part of our daily routine. view more

“Yoga helps to increase flexibility, improve balance and gain core strength and awareness,” and a strong core is the perfect starting point for surfing, says Christensen. “Yoga teaches us presence to remain calm and to return to our breath again and again no matter what the outside circumstances, all tremendous skills to have while out in the water.” view more

In 2003 I was suffering from really bad lower back pain. When I asked my doctor what I could do about it, he suggested I changed my lifestyle and stopped surfing and exercising so much. He said that if I continued down that path I would need surgery very soon. It was a big slap in my face and a wake-up call that made me realise I needed to find a way to take better care of myself. view more

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Their mats spread on the shoreline, the handful of middle-aged men and woman followed instructor Heather Wiles, slowly moving through a serious of yoga poses, stretching and breathing to the sounds of lapping waves, laughing gulls and passing cars. view more

The best training for surfing is of course surfing. But we all know that it demands a lot from the body and can tighten-up, and close-off, specific areas. Pressure is put on the lower back, the chest closes and the hips stiffen. These specific yoga poses focus on lengthening and releasing pressure in the spine, opening the chest including torso rotation, and opening the hips to help rebalance your body. view more

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yoga a decent idea if I want to work on flexibility, or will cf make me more flexible? view more

yoga definitely helps as it works the same muscle groups, and develops your core strength. Any form of yoga will be helpful, so it’s worth finding a local class and speak to the teacher there and finding out if there’s anything they can recommend. view more

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Surf Training Ultimate Guide
Professional surfers have gone through lots and lots of training before where they are right now, and it’s essential for everyone to train well.