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Double- and triple-digit rides on a road bike can lead to uncomfortable tightness in key areas on the body. Pedaling long hours astride the saddle with the neck up shortens the spine and causes tightness in the lower back, sacrum, and hips. Read More ….

Many of my yoga students are cyclists who practice yoga to alleviate muscle tightness from logging long hours in the saddle. Read More ….

We know that yoga rejuvenates our bodies and calms our minds, and love to spread the love. One of the ways we practice giving without expectation is by sharing our love for yoga. Read More ….

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Some time around mid summer, I received an email at work with a title something along the lines of “Yogi Pals”. Odd, right? Read More ….

The Tour de France is about to begin and cycling seems to be more popular than it has ever been. Read More ….

Why should road cyclists do yoga? They don’t require the flexibility of dancers, golfers or tennis players. There’s no leaping, twisting or lunging in cycling, just hours spent locked in a flexed position craning the head to gaze forwards. Read More ….

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There’s more to biking than pedaling. Each style of cycling uses different muscle groups and requires different training. Read More ….

Maywood is offering a fall session of Yoga for Cyclists & Athletes. Registered yoga teacher Barb Kultgen (RYT 200) will lead participants in this ten-week class. Read More ….

The 6th annual Ride & Yoga for Ravenswood will be held Sunday, October 5th. Proceeds support Ravenswood Family Health Center services such as prenatal and postpartum mental health care for low-income moms as well as baby essentials such as car seats. Read More ….

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Hopefully you will do this again soon. I’ll be in Copper Harbor that weekend myself. Read More ….

Hey DC Riders! I wanted to spread the word about a workshop going on at Buddha B Yoga Studio (U Street area). Read More ….

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Yoga for Cyclists

Yoga is fast becoming an essential performance tool for road cyclists keen to improve flexibility, core strength, balance, breathing efficiency and mental focus.