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order xanax online in usa Periods brings with it fatigue, pain, irritability and not to mention discomfort, not to mention PMS that precedes it. (You can beat PMS with these tips!) More Details ….

xanax buy in uk At that time of the month, many women suffer from menstrual pain – or to give it its medical name, dysmenorrhea (pronounced dis–men–o–ree–a). More Details ….

Bloating, cramping, headaches, nausea—sound familiar ladies? It’s that time of the month, and indulging in cravings like salt, sweets, caffeine or alcohol may feel nurturing at that moment, but it’s not. More Details ….

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This is my first blog describing exercise moves and so I dedicate this first article to the amazing science of Yoga. More Details ….

okay so this might be a weird post for some of you, especially you fellas out there… BUT this is how I’m feeling right now and I figured all other women the time of month but they also feel like crap to say least. More Details ….

I’ve returned to India to continue my own sadhana – at a new Sivananda Yoga center in Varkala. More Details ….

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When it’s that time of the month, you may be so uncomfortable that you just want to lie on the couch with a heating pad and a pint of Rocky Road. Cramps can be brutal and may feel debilitating. More Details ….

Pregnant women experience myriad physical sensations: from morning sickness to the baby’s movements. But the most painful one is leg cramps. More Details ….

When you’re dealing with menstrual cramps, the last place you want to be is at the gym. But, working up a sweat does help alleviate cramp-related pain. More Details ….

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dont forget about potassium!!! it helps with cramps 😀 More Details ….

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The book explains the meaning and description of yoga poses to be used for 108 various conditions.