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With systematic practice of yoga, the body is less prone to diseases and effects of day-to-day stress. Overall the body feels healthier, more energetic. Everyone benefits from yoga – if they undergo proper training, and continue with the practice. See More

If you’re looking for ways to lower blood pressure naturally, it is useful to first understand what causes high blood pressure. 90-95% of all cases of high blood pressure are characterized as essential hypertension, which means that it’s an independent condition that is not triggered by another disease condition. See More

Yoga is a great de-stressor. A New Delhi study recently found that yogic breathing exercises reduced blood pressure in people with hypertension, possibly through their effects on the autonomic nervous system, which governs heart rate, digestion, and other largely unconscious functions. See More

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Practicing yoga might reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, according to recent research. See More

Known as the ‘silent killer’ the problems associated with high blood pressure, and certainly the ways in which to reduce it, are worth not keeping quiet about. And a recent study suggests that yoga could be the answer to those suffering from mild hypertension who do not want to face a lifelong prescription to medication. See More

Yogic management of high blood pressure primarily involves relaxation techniques using the art of yogic breathing to reduce anxiety and stress which form the most common cause of hypertension. High blood pressure along with other lifestyle disorders like obesity and diabetes have become the ‘silent killers’ of the modern era. See More

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Last year, in a report on hypertension, or high blood pressure, the American Heart Association stated that there was no definitive evidence that it did. However, the report was not able to state definitively that it did not. See More

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