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Imagine watching day by day as your hair begins to fall out while brushing, and there does not appear to be much replacing it on your head. Slight thinning becomes apparent and you realize you are losing your hair. Read More

At some point in life, to one degree or another, almost all of us will lose some of the hair on our head—hair that we would much rather keep. It is the rare person who gets to the age of 50 with the same amount of hair they had in their youth. Read More

The old saying that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory leads many to look at vitamin deficiency and hair loss in women. Sudden or unusually heavy hair loss can be traumatic for women. While vitamin deficiency may be a contributing factor, many other conditions can lead to hair loss in women. Read More

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Unfortunately, the majority of people only want to remedy the situation of non-prescription topical preparations without realizing that nutritional deficiencies and other factors play a crucial role in the fall of hair. Read More

Almost everyone is sensitive about their hair. A head full of thick, luscious hair is considered to be a sign of beauty. When you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, it is easy to feel dejected. With the loss of hair, many start losing confidence about their appearance and this negatively impacts their self esteem. Read More

Most people assume hair is our short-term asset although it’s attainable to retain the wholesome hair ceaselessly. The individuals lose hair for a lot of irritating causes similar to deficiency of nutritional vitamins, underlying sickness and even for genetic causes. Read More

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Biotin Boost announced Amazon shoppers can purchase their newest hair growth vitamin designed to reduce hair loss and breakage starting 9/25/14. Biotin Boost contains the optimal dose of biotin and 11 essential hair vitamins offering a complete solution for men and women with hair loss. Read More

When most people think about changing their diet, it’s related to their body shape and long-term health. But a well-balanced diet stretches beyond that. Your skin, your nails, your hair, even your body odor are all affected by what you eat. Read More

Biotin-based formula provides all of the nutrients necessary to allow the body to repair damaged follicles and keep functioning ones healthy, Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth reports Read More

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