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The veg spaghetti is a mouthwatering and healthy spaghetti or noodle recipe. This quick fix meal recipe is prepared with boiled spaghetti stir fried with veggies and a mix of Chinese sauces. Read More

Who says spaghetti needs meat to be tasty? “I streamlined the original recipe for this deliciously different dish to reduce its 2-hour simmer time to just 10 minutes,” Read More

This is a quick meal to satisfy guests who do not eat meat. It will fill you up. Buy a chunky tomato sauce to make your sauce thicker. Read More

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I am not a big fan of spaghetti but my children are very fond of it, so I prepare it for them. It is very easy to prepare and kids will love it for sure.Today we will learn how to make an easy Vegetarian Spaghetti Recipe. Read More

I’ve spent some time in the South of France this summer and have fallen so in love with all the amazing, fresh market ingredients they sell at the beautiful stalls piled high with juicy tomatoes, salty olives, fresh peaches and all kinds of other beautiful goodies. Read More

Before I started blogging, I didn’t spend much time thinking about vegetarianism. Having stopped eating meat at such a young age, it was simply a way of life. I never felt a longing to eat meat or looked at a restaurant menu and thought, “Oh, I really wish I had more options.” Read More

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I’d sub in zucchini noodles for the spaghetti noodles here. Then, I added in some corn, beans, olives and of course, a healthy dollop of avocado. Read More

This delicious Vegetable Spaghetti dish is a fresh and healthy family dinner option. In less than 30 minutes this healthy and yummy pasta will warm up the whole family and keep you going through the winter months. Read More

Use lean mince (about 4% fat or less) and wholemeal pasta to enjoy your favourite bolognese without guilt. Read More

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I had a ridiculous craving for spaghetti carbonara the other day. The wife is a vegetarian, so normally I don’t make it at the house because I just don’t enjoy carbonara without the pork. Read More

What are some good vegetarian spaghetti recipes? Read More