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Mixed Vegetable seekh kababs made on stone – a must try ! – Method – Heat two tablespoons oil in a pan, add French beans, cabbage and carrots and mix on one side. Add the green peas on the other side and mash them. Know More

Vegetable Kebab Recipe – Here’s a delicious, spicy snack recipe for cheese and alu lovers. Learn how to make vegetable kabab. Know More

Vegetable Kebab is a spicy and most popular snack recipe, grated vegetables are mixed in some spices and fried in hot oil. A delicious kebab is a great option for the vegetarians and best to serve with green chutney and tomato sauce. Know More

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Veg – KABAB REQUIREMENTS : Potatoes – 1/2 kg., Carrot – 1/2 kg., Plantains – 2, Beetroot – 1, Onions – 4, Gram flour – 1/2 cup, Bread Slices – 12, Freash Cream – 2 spoons, Coriander leaves – 2 spoons, Salt, Oil as required. Know More

Shammi Kabab-Veg Version / Veg Shammi Kabab  – Again its time for The Gourmet Seven, we have successfully completed five months with all exotic gourmet recipes from various cuisine. And for this month we picked up Kababs – Indian Cuisine as our theme. We decided to choose any source for our recipe of the month. Know More

Quinoa and potato – Veg Kabab – This recipe combines potato with the wonders of quinoa which makes a unique appetizer. Kabab is just vegetables roasted/ grilled on a skewer; It may be served on plates in sandwiches. Try pairing then with soup/salad. Know More

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Especially for Vegetarians – Vegetarian Jain Kababs – Its been a while since I have posted a useful recipe. As you all know by now, I am an avid cook and an even more avid consumer of cooked products. There are some secret recipes I have which I am very loathe to share – especially those that are useful and efficient while entertaining guests. Know More

Moong Seekh Kabab – I told you sometime ago that moong daal from Rajasthan is better than from other parts of India and we use every opportunity to procure it from Rajasthan. This “Katta” of 10 Kg was procured on the recent trip of Rajasthan. So let’s start putting it to use. Know More

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