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These simple, tasty recipes are healthier versions of favorite desserts, from chocolate pudding to cupcakes to ice cream to quick breads. View Details

Most of these desserts are vegan, but may have vegetarian options, and there are a few strictly ovo-lacto veg desserts as well. View Details

Going vegan can seem like a daunting commitment — no milk? No eggs? No BUTTER? But, thankfully, there is one thing you definitely don’t have to give up on as a vegan: Dessert. View Details

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This Vegan Chocolate Mousse is probably one of the most healthiest, elegant, egg less dessert recipe that you can have up your sleeve to surprise your guests and it takes literally no time at all to make and enjoy. View Details

This recipe for vegan raspberry streusel bars is based on one by Brittany at Real Sustenance. Ever since she posted her delicious looking recipe last year during the holidays I’ve been wanting to make it. View Details

Did you know that vegan desserts can be delicious? Sometimes you hear the word vegan and you assume it’s not going to be as good as a non-vegan item, but that just isn’t true. Today I am sharing a post for all the vegans out there, or for anyone, really! View Details

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Labor Day is just around the corner! Whether you are planning a huge bash, a pool party or a smaller affair, every celebration could use dessert. Why not try some raw desserts? You may be surprised by how easy it is to make some of these recipes. View Details

No matter how delicious a main course may be, a great dessert has a way of being the most memorable part of a meal. Perhaps because it’s the final thing a person eats during a meal or maybe because diners tend to find dessert irresistible, the final course, when done correctly, makes a lasting impression. View Details

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ey, y’all, I’d love some help here. In a couple of days, I’m going to a dinner party hosted by a dear vegan friend. Just so you know, there’s no dietary judgment between us, but mutual respect (I do respect ethical veganism such as hers), and she’s going out of her way to accommodate my restrictions (no sugars, grains, legumes, or starchy vegetables,) View Details

Can anyone suggest a good Indian/Asian dessert? I’m cooking for an omni friend on Friday, and I really can’t think what to make. I’d rather avoid anything with a lot of rice in it as we are having rice with the main meal. View Details

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