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Quick and Easy Vegetable Curry – A very quick and easy curry to serve up with rice and a salad. More Info

Indian food is rich with dishes for vegetarian diets. Here are some of our favourite vegetarian curry recipes  from delicious Magazine. Hands off the takeaway menu. Here come some amazing indian recipes for vegetarians. More Info

Banarasi Aloo Matar Sabji – Banarasi Aloo Matar Sabji, an everyday home style sabji that goes well with roti and rice. A gem among simple sabji recipes with potatoes, peas & tomatoes. More Info

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Goan vegetable curry recipe with step by step photos – here’s a dish which i have grown up having. this famous goan curry used to be made twice or thrice a week at my home. sometimes with fish and sometimes with prawns. when making with prawns, okra/bhindi was added. More Info

I came across such a delicious vegetarian dishes prepared with curry recipes. Today I’d like to introduce you to two of my favourite vegetable recipes that even the meat-lovers around the world enjoys.Using curry powder is just too awesome for a meatless meal. More Info

I’ve been a serious cook for over 15 years. I cook all kinds of recipes (vegetarian ofcourse!) – international recipes, quick and easy recipes, rich and complex recipes. But the kind I enjoy eating the most are the simple curries that remind me of home. This everyday mixed vegetable curry is one such recipe. More Info

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We’re going behind the scenes and getting up close and personal with some of the Valley’s favorite chefs, learning what it takes to make one of their best-known dishes. Welcome to The Trail. It’s hard not to smile when you walk into Crepe Bar in Tempe. More Info

Lentils are extremely affordable and the perfect source of plant-based protein, fibre and antioxidants. They also keep you feeling full for hours and are more digestible than other types of beans. Quinoa is a seed rather than a grain, and is a gluten-free source of high-quality plant protein without the cholesterol and saturated fat. More Info

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Vegetable curry recipe without coconut? – Does anyone have a vegetable curry recipe that doesnt use coconut milk? As I am allergic to it. I’ve tried some recipes from google, but none of them are that great! More Info

I cant buy any prepared curry sauces or pastes because they’re all, without exception, contaminated by nuts or seeds.I used to love curries and it’s been getting me down, all this deprivation etc etc so i spent what seemed like several hours in Tescos and came home with a tin of Madras curry powder, fresh chillies, fresh ginger, tinned chopped tomatoes, ‘light’ coconut milk and heaps of veggies. More Info

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