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A sore throat is the result of an inflammation of the pharynx, the tube that extends from the back of the mouth to the esophagus. View More

A throat infection can be either viral or bacterial. According to the National Library of Medicine, the majority of these infections are viral and consequently do not respond to antibiotics. Most of the treatment involved is directed at supporting your body as it heals and alleviating the pain. View More

Almost everyone gets a sore throat at one time or another. Children, especially, get it more often than adults. Sore throat is most commonly caused by a virus, and to a lesser extent by bacteria which then can develop into a serious disease. But how would you know whether it is a viral infection or a bacterial one? View More

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There are many reasons of throat infection such as having cold food or spicy food or change in weather. Throat infection also occurs due to pollution. You have to take it seriously as it may become serious problem. A person can face problem in speaking due to tonsil. View More

Throat infection, also known as inflammation of throat or pharynx can come about due to a variety of reasons. In fact, although the infection specifically reads “throat”, it does not mean that the problem is limited to the throat alone. The whole body bears the brunt of a throat infection. View More

Are you having a sore throat? Is it hard for you even gulp down your saliva? It must be the first sign of an upcoming cold. The common symptoms of sore throat are burning, scratchiness and pain, which result in difficulty to swallow and even talk. View More

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I just got up this morning with sore throat, yesterday my voice started to change. I google and I found out that PEPPER CAYENNE is very good for that, I never use spices in my kitchen and don´t understand much about that, cayenne is a type of pepper or just pepper??? View More

Sore Throat is an inflammation of throat caused by a viral infection, and often develops with a cold or the flu. It occurs frequently when a person has a cold or an attack of influenza. View More

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