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This agreement contains the legal terms and conditions you need to know while using “www.quikanswer.com”. This website is owned by “www.quikanswer.com”. We recommend all our readers to read these terms of service attentively before you use this site. These terms and conditions are applicable to all users of Quik Answer.

By viewing, using or engaging with our content, it is assumed that you agree with all our terms of service and want to willingly associate with us.

Intellectual Property

The site publishes original content which is the sole property of ”Quikanswer.com”. The graphics, website logs and other documents published are the property of Quikanswer.com. We also assure that all information on the website are highly secure by proper international copyrights as well as intellectual property rights regulations.


Only Quik answer has the right to change or modify this agreement. We will be notifying the users about all the changes. We may upgrade some portions of this agreement. It is recommended that users read this agreement from time to time. The changes and upgrades made will be applicable to all contents, products or tools that we provide. It also includes new future services.

Disclaimer of Warranties

“www.quikanswer.com” along with its suppliers disclaims each and every kind of warranty. The website, its licensors or suppliers do not provide any guarantee that the website will be error free. As a visitor, if you decide to use the content, you will be solely responsible for it.

Links to external websites

The site may contain number of links from external websites from informational purpose. We don’t take responsibility for the contents offered by these website.


These terms and conditions act as an agreement between the users and “Quikanswer.com”. They revolve around the subject matters, services, policies that we offer to our users. Each and every point that is incorporated in this agreement assures safe, secure and smooth communication our users. This agreement may be upgraded from time to time to benefit both the parties.

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