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Celebrate the outdoors with summer clothing. Lightweight fabrics offer all-day comfort. Bold patterns highlight the spirit of the season. Shorts, tank tops, skirts and more create a perfect wardrobe. Consider options then for men, women and juniors to find family fun in the sun. Transform even the hottest days with style. Read More

Inexpensive, the basic white cotton T is the epitome of the summer essential. It goes great with a pair of jeans, khakis, shorts — you name it. A man can own 5 of these and probably still not get enough. Read More

28 Fashion Items Every Guy Needs For Spring And Summer Under $100 Because you need more than just flip flops to make it through the summer. Read More

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Hot weather, unlike cooler temperatures, necessitates that we do more with less. Beautiful weather creates a more relaxed attitude that translates into flexible dress codes that lean towards comfort and summer weather utility. However, no coats, only occasionally a jacket, and more often than not shorts instead of trousers, forces us to reveal our sometimes less than attractive legs, stomachs, and backsides. Read More

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Summer dressing can come with its own set of challenges. For one, there’s the matter of options. Besides your standard t-shirts and polos, what else is out there that makes you look good, feel great, fits you well, and also shows that you care about how you look and want to present a professional appearance? Read More

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As Ned Stark famously didn’t say, “autumn Is coming”, and just when you thought it was safe to chuck your summer clothes in the back of your wardrobe, ready to embrace thick, knitted items that cover every inch of this summer’s Solero-filled stomach, news comes in that the latest sartorial trend from across the pond sees men embracing their inner cheerleader. Read More

Men and fashion, it is sometimes said, go together like socks and sandals. We rub along, but not comfortably or happily or prettily. It’s certainly true that some men feel excluded from and threatened by fashion. The word alone is enough to make them break out in an unsightly rash. But this needn’t be the case. Indeed, it shouldn’t be. Read More

At times it is indeed too hot to dress up, and the only option is a vest or a tee to rein in the summer. But who says a vest or a tee has to be ordinary? Pair a light orange slogan tee with a check shorts. Complete the look by wearing a slipper. Read More

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Suggestions for lightweight long-sleeved summer shirts Read More

What do you reckon is the deal with summer clothes for the middle aged gent these days? Read More

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