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Here are the top south Indian breakfast recipes from Rak’s Kitchen for easy access. Click on the image  it will take you to the corresponding recipe page. Our south Indian recipes mostly has rice, lentils like urad dal or moong dal or any flour like wheat flour or maida or semolina also known as sooji or rava as main ingredients. Read More

In this post i have compiled South Indian vegetarian breakfast recipes . Click on the images to get the recipe. Enjoy your breakfast. To get the recipes for Chutney | Sambar for South Indian Breakfast click HERE. Read More

South Indian snacks recipes cover food that include masala vada, chakli / murukku, kodabale, fried avarebele, fried aval / avalakki / poha, rava unde / rava laddu, aloo bonda, medu vada, dahi vada, and khara / kara boondi. Read More

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Karasev or Kharasev is a spicy, deep fried snack made during Diwali at all households. There are many way to do this recipe as the flavoring part can be changed as per our taste. It also makes a perfect tea time snack for the evenings. Read More

I usually shy away from making dal. Its because no matter how hard i try, i feel i never make enough justice to it. Lets just call this a cook s block or something. But then a while back, my spinach garlic dal became such a huge success with the husband that i ve become a little more venturesome when it comes to making dal at home these days. Read More

I am getting loads of requests to post dosa batter recipe. Though I never grind dosa batter separately, I had a recipe that is written in my handwritten cook book and I have tried it successfully before marriage when I was zero in cooking. So I am sure its a keeper recipe even beginners can try. Read More

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That’s how important the first meal of your day should be for you. But we all know it isn’t. Most of us just grab anything that comes our way and hurriedly gobble it while rushing for work. Then we make up by gorging on buttery parathas or oily noodles from the nearest Chinese van to compensate for a poorly consumed morning meal. Read More

When you think of dosa, the first preparation that comes to your mind is that of masala dosa. We can however make our favourite snack healthier by experimenting with its filling. So, if you don’t feel like having plain dosa, but can’t really have potatoes, this recipe is perfect for you. Read More

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