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You are aware of the risks of smoking such as cancer, heart disease, chest complaints and strokes but it has now been shown to have an adverse affect on your hair. Read More

The health risks of smoking are well documented, but experts now hope they can encourage more people to quit by highlighting the link between smoking and baldness. Read More

I guess it’s silly for me to tell you that smoking is bad for your health. Who doesn’t know? I was a heavy smoker for 13 years before quitting just a few years ago and I know it really takes some commitment to quit. So how are smoking and hair loss related to each another? The simple answer is, the more you smoke, the more hair you are going to lose. Read More

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cigarettes are manufactured from harmful chemicals that prove to be essentially damaging to human health. Of the many gases that emanate from a lighted cigarette, the most damaging for the hair are carbon monoxide and nicotine. Here, you will get a deeper insight into how smoking can lead to unwarranted hair loss. Read More

Results haven’t been published yet but researchers at the University of Amsterdam suggest that regular smoking of cannabis contributes directly to hair loss. Read More

In a smoke filled room the hair is exposed to the fumes of the cigarette and it can not only make the hair smell but also leave it looking dull and lifeless. Obviously it will not have the same effect on everyone but the research leaves no doubts as to the effects smoking has on the environment and lives. Read More

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Almost all smokers, yawn and seem blissfully unperturbed about the health warnings on their cigarette packs and advice to quit smoking from their family and friends. Read More

Hair loss may not just be a matter of age or unlucky genes. Preliminary findings from new studies of male and female identical twins suggest that a broad range of lifestyle factors, including stress, smoking, heavy drinking, and sun exposure, may also foil the follicles. Read More

Scientists have discovered another downside to smoking: it may increase the risk of baldness for some men. Read More

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Does smoking cigarettes cause hair loss? Read More

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