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Does your family like Italian, Greek, or Asian pasta salad? Do they like traditional penne noodles or exotic soba noodles? Good Housekeeping has recipes for all your favorite pasta salads for dinner tonight. These triple-tested easy, pasta salad recipes, served hot or cold, are sure to please the whole clan. See More

Perfect Pasta Salad Recipes – Pantry-friendly ingredients make this pasta salad easy on your budget. Toss warm pasta with the tangy dressing so it will absorb more flavor. If you prefer to serve this salad chilled, make it up to a day ahead, toss, and refrigerate until you’re ready to serve. See More

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad – This is a very flavorful pasta salad. The crisp cooked bacon really adds a nice flavor. I get requests for this pasta salad for every get together and cook out. See More

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A smoky, hearty Lentil and Pasta Salad is just the kind of food that keeps me fueled and satisfied during a long workday. And when I come home, after battling D.C.’s rush-hour Beltway traffic,  I still have enough energy to take on anything, from a dog with an upset tummy (poor Opie) to cooking for an army. See More

One of my favorite summer salads is a Zesty Italian Pasta Salad. It is easy and simple to make. You can make it with plain noodles or with colored noodles; pretty bow pasta. I prefer colored noodles because they make the salad look pretty look. See More

The next time you attend a potluck, consider making this modern spin on a retro favorite: pasta salad. Portable, easy to make in large batches, not terribly temperature sensitive, and, most importantly, tasty, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. See More

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Help your kids enjoy those brown-bagged lunches by packing them a meal that is nutritious, flavorful and fun. Here, Reed Alexander, author of “Kewl Bites” shares his simple and delicious recipes for pasta fagioli salad and goldmine cereal crunch bar with dried fruit and nuts. See More

Pasta salad gets a bad rap. And deservedly so.The big bowl of cold noodles is often bland and uninspired, underdressed and lacking punch. There has been many a party at which the pasta salad remains largely untouched. See More

Fresh & healthy recipe: turkey pasta salad with ricotta pesto – Celebrate the first day of spring with this turkey pasta salad with ricotta pesto. It’s a lower-GI meal that is delicious, easy and healthy. See More

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Need help making pasta salad – Sometimes I toss the veggies and marinate them the night before also too. It just depends on the crowd and how much they are into marinated vs fresh cut & tossed veggies. See More

Need an awesome pasta salad recipe quick. Anyone? – I had an awesome pasta salad a few months back and remember it had black olives and chunks of lobster. Has anyone had or made something like that. I would love to recreate it or even come close. See More


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