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Arranging for picnics remains our strong point. We give you the best experience of being close to nature. We have on offer a few in-house activities for school-children and if you are a thorough adventurer then we can also provide a whole set-up of varied outdoor adventure activities. View More

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Zarwani Eco campsite is in Narmada District. By road its around 99 kms. Route is Vadodara-Dabhoi-Tilakwad-Garudeshwar-towards Rajpipla Kevadiya road, its near from there. View More

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Vadodara People enjoy their holidays with friends and family at different Picnic Places in and around Vadodara. Baroda is very beautiful city of Gujarat. People generally go for Picnic in Diwali Holidays, Janmashtami Holidays and Summer Holidays so people can enjoy a lot of during vacation time. View More

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http://asphaltdrivewayco.com/ads.txt A holy river flowing near city of Vadodara in the Gujarat state is Mahisagar. Mahisagar is one of the largest rivers supplying lot of water to the Central Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. View More

buy alprazolam europe One can easily reach Galteshwar by the State Transport buses from Vadodara, Ahmedabad, or Anand. The bus fare from Vadodara is around Rs.25 (60 cents) per head and takes around two hours to reach Galteshwar. View More

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http://asphaltdrivewayco.com/tag/asphalt I’m visiting baroda in Early December and would like to know a few options to visit, near baroda. Places that are an hour or two drive away from the city. I’ve a grandmother who would not be able to sit for long in the car. View More