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Pune – The metropolitan town, has many weekend destinations around Pune which are less than couple of hours drive away and some very picturesque, rustic destinations which are not so near yet perfect weekend destinations to relax away from the crowded cities with your friends and family. Read More

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Decided to write this blog to talk about nearby places around Pune for hangout. Blog talks about mainly time required to travel, what the place is about, how to reach, when and how to visit the place to enjoy it to the fullest. My efforts are to cover as many places possible around Pune. Read More

A city which is known for its rich cultural heritage serves as the perfect weekend destination to a huge tourist population. Moreover this city has some of the finest weekend gateways and One Day Picnic Spots within close proximity which makes it one of the most sought after picnic hotspots. Read More

Imagine going to a beautiful fort and then learning that you have to climb for 2 hours to see the “beautiful” part. Read More

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Pune is not just popular for it’s heritage structures, it boasts of amazing places for adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. Read More

Exploring the depths and wonders you can find at the majestic Pune’s garden resort, which is everyone’s top pick for Fun Day outings. Read More

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Please suggest the spot for Family picnic near pune(within 100 kms.) for one day,We want to go alogwith all Families of the employees,the spot must have fun for childrens,youngsters and every one must enjoy the day. Read More