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As the people in Mumbai rejoice over the rains after a long sweaty summer, it won’t be long before they start cribbing over the water-logging and traffic mess that the rains in Mumbai usually brings along with it. More Details ….

This is a preliminary list of trekking sites, waterfalls, week end rest houses, resorts, picnic spots only. Many times, we think of a site to go but don’t recollect or don’t know the names of good sites. More Details ….

I want a different picnic spot, which should have – fishing, trekking, swimming,camp fire etc, please suggest zara hatke spot. More Details ….

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Monsoons are always blamed for making havoc in Mumbai but they are also the time which not only showers rain but also showers natural beauty in and around the city. More Details ….

Though late, the monsoon has finally arrived in Mumbai and bringing relief from the scorching heat. Trips, outings and treks are common during this season. More Details ….

Between June and September, Mumbai experiences a steady stream of gray clouds and heavy rain — monsoon season. While the less-than-idyllic weather doesn’t seem to be the best time to visit the city, it’s also when India’s natural environment is at its most verdant and lush. More Details ….

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Monsoon has always been my favorite season starting from the long walk in the rains wearing knee-high gum boots and a long plastic raincoat to school through the forests of Borivali, Mumbai (yes, it could have been categorized as a jungle back then) to my monsoon drives every year as documented partly here. More Details ….

With my experience – i have observed that unless and until you plan your weekend trip in advance – being in Mumbai – you are not going to get any booking any where around Mumbai. More Details ….