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Despite popular belief, true modern homes do not follow popular trends. Modern houses focus on structural simplicity, order and functionality — monochromatic walls, basic materials and clean architectural lines are the foundation. View More

xanax online cheap Even if you have a small or a large living room, you have to decorate it in such a way to make it as comfortable as can be and as pleasant as possible. It is up to each person if he wants a modern living room or a traditional one, but the result must be the same, it must be the place in the house where you will spend most of your time. View More

The décor scheme of any room can be pulled together enormously be a single piece of striking wall art, and we can find shining examples of this theory in this collection of interior shots, that feature large and colorful works of modern art by Mark Lawrence of Alpharetta Georgia. View More

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A bathroom is a very essential part of the house which we have to pay attention. Here is also where a cleanness is given emphasis. People may argue that bathroom is not quite important since it usually used only by the family and places at the back part of the house. View More

We created our own top 100 interior designer blogs to follow to help you get all the tips you need if you want to design your own home. View More

Modern interior design. interior decorating ideas 2013, Interior design ideas – living room, bedroom, kids room, modern kitchen, bathroom interior, furniture decorating. View More

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It’s lined on one side with doors to a bedroom, bathroom, exercise room, den and storage/mechanical room. Framed artwork by their son, Preston, hangs on the opposite wall beneath clerestory windows. View More

Keeping your home organized is a simple task that doesn’t have to break the bank.You can discover the secret at this year’s Calgary Home + Design Show, which is showcasing the talents of up-and-coming designers from Bow Valley College. View More

Great design ideas often come from overcoming challenges like finding innovative solutions for traditional stacked housing, sloping hillsides and residential solitude on a bustling, mixed-use city block. View More

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Hey guys, relatively new to the forums here so I apologize if this topic has come up 10 million times like i’m pretty sure it has, but anyway, I just finished building a modern home and i’m pretty proud of it so I thought I would show it off. View More

I’m done with this project. A comfortable modern living room for the BC Architectural rendering contest. Here is the result: View More

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