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buy alprazolam cheap I’m sitting here enjoying a hot cup tea, trying to get the creative juices flowing for this next article. Since everyone loves top lists, I thought I’d give you guys something you probably don’t see too often, a quick list of some practical fashion tips. See More

There is a myth, propagated mostly by certain men’s magazines, that being a stylish man requires tremendous effort. We must keep an eye to the fashion runways in Italy, to the ready-to-wear shows, to Fashion Week in New York in order to appear as if we care what we look like. See More

Listen up guys, this is style tips. We are going to cover the basics like what every man should have in his closet, shopping advice, how to dress on a budget and much more. Ultimately, you don’t want to be caught off guard when certain situations arise be it a wedding, a first date or just a ballgame. See More

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Most mens fashion tips and articles these days assume you have a perfect “Greek-like” body.But the fact is, I get a million emails from guys asking how to put these tips to use when they have a little extra weight around the midsection. See More

Don’t Dismiss the Power of Formal Suiting. Even if you work in a business casual environment, don’t neglect this area of your wardrobe. Always have at least one dark neutral suit that fits you well at your current weight and makes you feel your personal best. See More

With the onset of those longer evenings and chillier mornings, its time to finally say goodbye to our much loved t-shirts and ice-cream sundays and hello to cosy knits, open fires and cups of steaming hot tea, as we get ready to welcome Autumn 2014. See More

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It’s 2014, and we’re approaching fall and the holiday season — you no longer have an excuse to make poor fashion decisions. With the Internet and a plethora of apps at our fingertips, there are tools to help you sharpen your sartorial skills and become the stylish man you’re meant to be. See More

Women everywhere have reason to celebrate: millennial men are officially fashionable, much more so than their Baby Boomer parents. Since 2009, growth in men’s ready-to-wear has outpaced that of women’s wear. See More

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I’m looking for a men’s fashion/style forum. I don’t know where to start. See More

Simultaneously art, personal expression, and a mixed media that encompasses the overall aesthetic of the human body, fashion can be interpreted in multiple ways. For many, it is simply “how to impress” – filled with a multitude of rules to be followed and a statement to be made. See More

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xanax online canada Details Men’s Style Manual

At last?a sophisticated wardrobe guide for men from a respected authority, Details magazine, offering head-to-toe advice for choosing the right look, the right fit, and the right style for every situation, from boardroom pitches to casual Saturday nights.