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The 610 leggings are made from a heavy-duty (much heavier than the fabric used in our bodysuits and base-layer shirts), stretchy, slightly shiny fabric comprising 90% nylon and 10% elastane. Read More

Meggings Man Clothing is based in Chicago, USA and manufactures high quality alternative apparel for men. Our primary focus is designing and offering meggings that have been functionally and aesthetically tailored to the male physique. Read More

They are the hot new male trend: but how will leggings for men go down on the streets? Patrick Kingsley dons a pair and gets into his stride … Read More

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Its no surprise that the versatility of meggings hasn’t gone unnoticed by men at the gym. Comfort and style make our mens leggings an easy way to stand out among the crowd of so many men wearing similar types of leggings activewear. Read More Legwear, such as tights and leggings, is a new part of men’s fashion, shown frequently by designers. Typical looks are tights with shorts, and leggings with shorts or with a long top. Read More

Hi. We’re glad you found us. Meggings Man Clothing is based in Chicago, USA and manufactures high quality alternative apparel options for men. Read More

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About a year ago, entrepreneurs Andrew Volk and Adam Freck were convinced meggings — yes, leggings for men — were just on the verge of a breakthrough. And with good reason, it turns out. Read More

They’re the pants people love to hate — leggings for men, also known as meggings. Read More

Men have been wearing leggings for ages, and they are known to pop up on male runway models and rock stars. But will your average Joe forgo pants and put on tights instead? Read More

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I am a guy and was wondering if it is ok for guys to wear leggings. I am flying to Ohio on Sunday and was wanting to know if it was ok to wear them on a plane. Also what would I wear with them? Read More

I like to wear tights and leggings in public and I am not gay because I have no sexual desire for men what’s so ever and I love women. I just am a very different idividual wo doesn’t care about others opinions. Read More

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A sense of style is acquired, says menswear designer Flusser, which I disagree with, I know someone who was born with it. Jerk. The ultimate aim of this book is to try to educate the reader about the basic principles of fine dressing.