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Explore OB’s current offering of stylish dresses and seperates in flattering silhouettes featuring our favourite design features; colour, print, texture, and detailing; which are combined beautifully with key seasonal trends; colour block, moody florals, mark making and animal prints. See More

From pretty day styles to glamorous cocktail designs, shop our pick of the best new season dresses Whatever the weather, a dress can be the perfect outfit for most occasions. See More

Anti-style, minimalism, back-to-basics, whatever you want to call it Normcore is untouchable right now and for good reason. Fashionistas everywhere are enjoying a breather from dressing up and choosing to go make the ultimate sartorial understatement instead. See More

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Latest Bridal Fashion In this modern age, fashion is the need of every woman. Everyone likes the fashionable women. The day of wedding ceremony is the most important day of the life. See More

Latest Party Wear Dresses 2014 by Rungeen Clothing. See More

Latest fashion news is about the most stylish plus fashionable clothes for women’s. Recently launches latest [arty wear dresses 2014 collection by Rungeen Clothing. See More

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If you lust after the red-carpet glamour of celebrities draped in Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana but don’t want to end up in the red at the end of the month, the growing vogue to rent rather than buy outfits for special occasions could be the answer to your fashion dilemma. See More

Try to remember that a trend is exactly that: a trend, and ­nothing more. A fleeting ship in the night; a reminder of the speed that ­fashion, and time, moves at, ­allowing mistakes to be quickly forgotten. So let’s not get too wound up about things. See More

In the latest update from George Clooney’s paparazzi dream-come-true wedding, the first pictures of Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dress have landed. What, no rebel doodle veil? See More

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I’m still struggling to try and define my style, and although I’ve read several books on the topic as well as blogs and websites, I still have a problem with this, so I’m turning to you for help. See More

What do you think about the constant changes of fashions in dress? See More

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Latest Neck Designs 2014 – Gala Designs Collection Book
Women and young girls wants different in their fashion and clothing to look different and unique in the gathering, weddings, party, Valimas, Eid and others events. So they search unique and awesome Neck Designs (In Hindi and Urdu Gala Designs) to complete the clothing and style.