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With the changing time, fashion is gaining more and more importance in the lives of men. Fashion has become as equal to men as much it is to women. Fashion today does not imply only to women. There are men fashion designers, fashion accessories for men, fashion shows for men’s clothes and special fashion stylist for men. More Details

The end of the hipster: how flat caps and beards stopped being so cool. Now that cocktails in jam jars have made it to EastEnders, what’s next for those who would be ‘alternative’? More Details

Editors’ fashion picks for the best men’s suits and blazers of the season. From workday formal to weekend casual, find the right fit, color and style for you. Looking for a complete style guide, check out more cool trends for Spring/Summer 2014. More Details

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While trends come and go, there is one item that has stood the test of time and is currently stronger than ever. The garment we’re referring to is, of course, the last real bastion of menswear: the suit. More Details

Latest fashion dresses for mens suits – We love it and we know you love, Latest fashion dresses for mens. And this is normal, after all it is one of the marks of youth fashion most important in Spain that has bulked everyone. And this season, there is much to see in casual clothes. You know the classic colors of the season are black, blue and gray, and brown. More Details

Boss Black is among the core brands of Hugo Boss, the German fashion house. Boss Black could be the widest and largest fashion line belonging to Hugo Boss. Boss Black suits have their own style they provides you with a luxurious feeling therefore making you think that you’re the boss. More Details

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While the fashion world is already looking ahead to Spring 2015, we’re here to prepare you for Fall 2014. More Details

Mr Perfect has always been in style. You know: snazzy suit, neat tie, impeccable grooming and faultlessly styled hair. He’s been around since the days of Frank Sinatra. He could have been the inspiration for the TV show Suits. More Details

Francis Yoshua Maitrella Aguilar Sanchez is at Richmart factory for a made-to-measure training and a fashion intern. She is a participant in the Men’s Style project and she is creating 5 models of men’s suits for the project. More Details

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Think you’re lost every time you open a closet door? You’re not alone. For many men, closets are the last frontier, a dark place full of dorkishness in its raw state, where one false combination of stripes and patterns can spell fashion death. More Details

Men’s suits – I had the privilege to chat with Kim Johnson Gross, co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd and former fashion director of Esquire and Fashion Editor of Town & Country. More Details

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Englishman’s Suit
This classic text, first published in 1994, gives the reader a charming and entertaining account of the suit’s development from the seventeenth century to the end of the twentieth. Reissued now for the twenty-first century, the narrative reveals a fascinating motley of curious and frequently amusing facts; from the arcane mysteries of button replacement to the remarkable influence of princes and kings.