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Possible Answers on – Latest fashion for mens wear Fresh in from the front row, we bring you our break-down of the most best-dressed men of London Collections: Men. View More

is buying alprazolam online illegal BANK Fashion is your one stop shop for all the latest styles and trends. Updated daily with a combination of everyday basics and fashion forward essentials from leading brands such as Superdry and Voi. View More

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Latest fashion for mens wear – Blogs How much does fashion really impact our attire? As received opinions run, men’s wear doesn’t fluctuate all that much. Women’s wear is subject to oscillating hemlines, vagaries of fit and flare, to ever-perambulating erogenous areas. View More

New menswear obsession: W.R.K. — Work. Rest. Karma. They’re based in New York and create beautifully designed menswear collections ranging from waxed cotton touring jackets to fun printed shorts and bright blue suits. View More A decade ago, you could count the number of men’s style bloggers on one hand. Clearly those days are long gone. Today, sifting through all of them would take an eternity. So we’ve gathered 10 that inspire us so you can bookmark them and get inspired too. View More

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Eeryone knows that fall is the best time for clothes, and while you’re probably looking forward to digging some old favorites out of the closet, you should also think about what new additions will make it into your rotation. View More

The country’s menswear market, which previously took a backseat to that of women’s wear, has been experiencing robust growth over the last few years, with businesses from designers to publicly listed and small-scale fashion retailers laying out big plans as they aim to gain from the country’s growing menswear market. View More

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Books on Latest fashion for mens wear Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear Since the first edition was published in 1980, Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear has become established as the standard work on this subject and has proved invaluable as both a textbook for students and a reference source for the practising designer.