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Marriage is a lifelong partnership. And like any other partnership, it brings with it an altogether new set of expectations, responsibilities and priorities. Read More

Life insurance is designed to ensure that your dependants do not suffer financially in the event of your death, and as such, many policies are set up to cover the main breadwinner in a family. Read More

Life insurance is a cornerstone of financial planning as it can provide for your family after your death. So it’s important to choose the right policy and arrange an appropriate level of cover. Read More

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It is certainly possible to buy joint life coverage with your spouse or partner. This is an especially smart move, in fact, if you and your spouse are maintaining separate life insurance coverage at this time. This simple change can end up saving you money and can also help make certain that you are both covered in case something happens to the other partner. Read More

When couples take out life insurance, a common question is whether or not to take the insurance out as a joint policy or as two single policies. Read More

The decision on whether single life insurance is better than joint life insurance is not a straightforward one. Although many people choose between single and joint insurance based on cost, in reality, the savings may end up being negligible when the unexpected happens. There are many different ways to look at the matter. Insurance decisions vary between different circumstances. Read More

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In recent years, the insurance industry has been home to a national program called “Insurance Goes to Campus”, which is part of an annual insurance campaign conducted every October. Read More

Reliance Fixed Savings is a non-linked, non-participating and non-variable endowment insurance plan that helps a policyholder create a corpus for securing future goals through systematic savings over a period of time, the insurer said in a statement. Read More

The sole objective of insurance is protection of your loved ones in case anything untoward happens to you. Insurancecan also help you in meeting the expenses that come along with life’s milestones like children’s education andmarriage. Read More

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please help with joint life cover – life insurance nightmare – since my dad died HELP. Read More

My boyfriend and his ex-wife agreed to keep their joint life insurance policy when they divorced, but shortly afterwards she wrote to him, and the insurance company, to say that she no longer wished to contribute towards it, had cancelled her direct debit and told him he could thereafter do as he wished with the policy.  Read More

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