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xanax online overnight shipping Depending on your home layout, your living room can serve many different functions. If you have a family room, it is often a formal sitting area or parlor used for reading, relaxing and entertaining guests. More Details To create the ultimate living room showcase, we have gathered together some fresh design ideas and inspirations to help you modernize your living room interior. If you only could chose one space in your home to put your heart and soul into designing, we are sure you would chose the living room as the top of your list. More Details

The London-based, award-winning boutique consultancy Suna Interior Design office imagined an elegant cluster of residential spaces. This amazing home in a stylish residential development – Aura Cambridge – shows how the creative design team envisioned elegance captured within a modern space. More Details

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Living room is the center social space of the house, it is also the space of comfort and good moods. That’s why living room is crucial to invest time and money in decorating. More Details

Our RoomSketcher in-house interior design pro was recently featured on the popular UK design inspiration blog Designer Insights by Terry’s Blinds, where she shared RoomSketcher Top Five Interior Design Trends for Home Interiors. More Details

If it is true that your taste of home decors and overall interiors will tell what kind of a person you are then you can have the liberty to spend your creative ideas into dainty home interior design that can almost be mistaken into a luxury house. Well, such a colorful lifestyle need not summon a mansion because you can create your ideal abode where the ideas are purely yours. More Details

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Readers of this column may have noticed that I rarely, if ever, write up do-it-yourself houses. That’s not because I have anything against amateurs who design, build and decorate their dwellings without thoroughgoing input from professional architects. More Details

11 leading interior designers and architects style the featured living rooms with traditional conventions for a well-balanced, elegant and sophisticated look. More Details

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I recently purchased a flat in Bangalore; I want to decorate my home, I want it to be very modern and should seem like peaceful environment, I want all guys to come with good ideas, it’s a kind request! More Details

Children relish having unique localities to play in or even a little locality to call “home”. A changed bunk bed custom-built in the attic/loft of this up to date dwelling would be the envy of any progeny, while still assisting a functional secondary purpose via storage space for publications, sport, and other pieces. More Details

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