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Although one might think of video games as primarily a diversion of action and destruction, there are many games where the goal is building, designing, and even decorating; allowing players to indulge in the act of making a house a home. View Details….

Decorate your room in these fun games. Try something new to make the room just your style. Paint the walls, change your couch and perhaps you need a bigger bed? Before you go and try this in your own room you can test it here if it will suit you, or play just for fun! View Details….

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Harrison Ford starred in the 1992 movie Patriot Games as former CIA Analyst Jack Ryan, who witnesses (and foils) an attempt to assassinate members of the Royal Family in England. View Details….

decoration of house interior design ideas interior designs home design ideas inspirational interior design ideas for living room design bedroom design kitchen design. View Details….

Interior Decorating Games #13695 View Details….

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It took a long time for The Sims 4 to hit shelves. After all, The Sims 3 came out in June 2009, making it a little over five years’ wait for this new version. View Details….

Novelists have long been attuned to the psychology of interior design. Henry James in particular excelled at nuanced evocations of domestic settings and decorative objects that reflect his characters’ states of mind, as in “The Figure in the Carpet” and The Golden Bowl. View Details….

Take a stand against clutter and drab design. Keep your home in style with kid-friendly decorating tips and trends from the experts. View Details….

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During the following week 2014-09-11 to 2014-09-18 we have a competition where you can post screen shots in this thread. View Details….

So on Skyrim just like the previous games before it you can get a house, decorate it, and fill it with all kinds of goodies you find through out your adventures. View Details….

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