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Insurance is an economic institution that allows the transfer of financial risk from an individual to a pooled group of risks by means of a … Read More

In this section you will find articles and frequently asked questions that will help you make more informed decisions.  Do I need insurance? What kind of product is right for me? What is an annuity?   Read More

Insurance is defined as a contract that assures the insured a sum of money in case of any untoward incident. Read More

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You’ve had car insurance since you were old enough to drive, but how much do you really know about it? Read More

The basics of auto insurance are fairly easy to understand once you dive in and begin to do a little research. Understanding all of the ins and outs of auto insurance will take a little more effort but knowing the basics will allow you to know why we need auto insurance, common terms, coverage options, how much it will cost and where the best place to get insurance is. Read More

Besides basic business insurance, what other coverage should I consider for my business? Often, we discuss basic insurance needs for businesses.  These types of insurance include general liability insurance, property insurance, and workers compensation insurance. Read More

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One of my obsessions is to know what the customer wants and how we can deliver the best results. Initially, our focus was to be the first among peers on delivery and keep pushing the benchmark. Read More

The rate of growth on premiums for employer-based health coverage in the first five months of this year was one of the lowest in 16 years. Despite longstanding concerns that employer-sponsored coverage might become too costly to sustain, that market seems to have stabilized for now. Read More

Health care costs are a big concern for people going into retirement, but the costs of long-term care can still be a shock. Read More

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I insured my Magnate to platinum. Does this mean that my ship is insured or all my items equipped including whats in the cargo hold? Read More

Since having our baby boy, estate planning has been foremost in my mind. We have a meeting scheduled with a personal family lawyer to talk about wills and trusts, but I wanted to poll you guys and see if you could give me a crash course on what kind is best. Read More

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