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Indian Herbal Remedies is pioneer of contract manufacturing of Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines, herbal products and dietary supplements since 1989. Indian Herbal Remedies is a world class GMP – certified manufacturing facility located in Excise Free Zone of Baddi (Dist. Solan) in Himachal, India. Read More

With the growing popularity of Ayurveda, an increasing number of Americans are discovering the health benefits of the herbs that play essential roles in this millennia-old system of healing. Read More

Afflicting many from various walks of life in different countries. In India it is proving to be a major health problem, especially in the urban areas. Though there are various approaches to reduce the ill effects of diabetes and its secondary complications, herbal formulations are preferred due to lesser side effects and low cost. Read More

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The main theme of this year’s World Health Day is hypertension. It is the condition in which the blood pressure increases above the specified level of 120/80 mmHg. The 120 refers to the systolic blood pressure or the pressure when the heart is actively contracting; the 80 is the diastolic blood pressure or the pressure when the heart is relaxed in between contractions. See More

India’s beauty is mesmerising, mysterious and awe-inspiring and the same can be said about the beauty of India’s women. It has been admired, talked of, worshipped and celebrated for centuries. See More

There is no escaping tan in scorching hot summers even with sun blocks. It affects our skin very quickly but takes forever to go away. What if we need to go to a special event and tan is still there? It will be a nightmare as nobody wants to look dull. See More

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The central government has decided to commission a study on what needs to be done for boosting Indian systems of medicine. Know More

The popularity of the time-tested traditional healing system of ayurveda seems to have crossed the border and impressed the Chinese too. If the number of aspirants for courses run by Bangalore-based Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT) is any indication, the new adherents of ayurveda are people of Chinese origin from Southeast Asian nations. Know More

Often only associated with children, attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and its cousin, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), are both surprisingly common in adults as well. With our fast-paced lifestyles of information and sensory overload, most can relate to the symptoms of restlessness, insomnia and poor focus and concentration, along with bursts of energy followed by periods of fatigue. Know More

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