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It is often heard that a common cold, whether treated or untreated, takes the same amount of time to be cured. For many, the use of decongestants and antihistamines, provide relief. Home remedies are popular due to the natural ingredients used, and the ease of administering these remedies. In general, home remedies are the same for people of all ages. More details


buy real alprazolam Are cold symptoms making you feel miserable? Here are 12 cold remedies you can use right now — at home — to feel better. More details

They say there’s no cure for the common cold. While it is true that it can’t always be prevented, there are cures for the symptoms that come with a cold. A cold is a kind of infection that can be caused by different types of viruses. More details

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Eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly can help keep your health and immunity boosted throughout the entire year, but when it is cold and flu season we need a little more help. If you feel a cold coming on or a little woozy from the beginning symptoms of the flu, take these simple home remedies. More details

Headache. Stuffy nose. Cough. Fever. Itchy eyes. Sore throat. Muscle aches. If you’re like most people, you know the symptoms of the common cold all too well. Although Americans spend billions of dollars annually on doctor visits and cold remedies (everything from tissues and vitamin C to over-the-counter decongestants and herbal teas), there is no cure for the common cold. More details


Two of the most irritating and discomforting diseases troubling humans since ancient times are common cold and flu. Characterised by running nose and eyes, headache, fever, body pain, sore throat, congestions etc, these contagious illnesses weaken the body and deplete the stamina. More details

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From the pantry to the bedside, home remedies you can make in a snap help prevent seasonal colds or cure a stubborn case of the flu. Garlic tea immune enhancer A well-known immune system strengthener, garlic shines as an antibacterial and antiviral herb for fighting colds, coughs and the flu. More details

A common cold, also known as acute coryza, is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract caused by infection with common cold viruses. A common cold occurs more often than any other disease – hence, its name. A person may suffer from a common fold several times in a year. More details

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