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In the Everyday Roots Book I begin the chapter on weight loss by stating that I believe there are only two ways to truly manage weight, through exercising and eating healthy. Read More

Whether you are a youngster, teenager, parent or an employee, you are concerned about your weight. It is due to the kinds of food we are exposed to. Read More

Mention that little four-letter word to any woman anywhere in the world and you’ll get the same reaction — disgust. If you really want to know the intensity of feeling behind the word, order a slice of cheesecake, and eat it in front of a woman who has been on a diet for a few weeks. Read More

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Every single day, you will see countless products promising magical weight loss without any effort on your part whatsoever. But such is the paranoia of being obese, millions fall for those shams. Read More

Boost your metabolism by drinking green tea. Research has shown that green tea can aid weight loss by helping to burn an estimated extra 78 calories per day. Read More

The vinegar diet started in the 1800s and involved drinking shots of apple cider vinegar before every meal to aid in weight loss. Read More

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Our lifestyles have us running at a fast pace.  We’re learning more, doing more and achieving more.  If we expect to maintain this momentum, then we’ll need to rely on the age-old, trusted solutions found in pure essential oils. Read More

Imagine being able to eat chocolate without feeling guilty or devour ice cream that was actually good for you. Well, now you can. Read More

Think of Monday as a cautionary tale about how to read the medical literature and reporting on studies. In the morning, news sites posted stories about new Annals of Internal Medicine research that showed that a low-carb diet was the way to a thin future. Read More

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Fruits and green vegetables are low calorie foods, so over weight persons should use thesural Way-e more frequently. One should avoid intake of too much salt. Salt may be a factor for increasing the body weight. Read More

I found a healthy product online to reduce fat. Name of that product is Cara Trim, I lost 4 kilos in a month naturally by using it. It does not have any side effects. Read More

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