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Sore throat is an irritation or inflammation of the throat, caused by bacterial infection, viral infection, or injury. Many sore throats are associated with the common cold, and go away after a day or two with rest and fluid intake. Know More

Many of us suffer from throat infection often especially in winter. Suddenly you may feel that you are suffering from tremendous sore throat. You can then use some home remedies for throat infection to get an instant rid of this problem. Know More

Throat infection is the tenderness in the throat that is very common and affects people of any age group. People with throat infection may have painful throat, pharyngitis or tonsillitis. It is the infection of the upper respirational region. People with throat infection can have breathing problems, difficulty in swallowing and inflammation in the throat. Know More

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Throat infection is caused by virus or bacteria. Viral throat infection which is caused by a virus as the name itself suggests is more contagious. The most common types of bacterial throat infections are strep throat and mycoplasma. Strep throat is caused by bacteria called streptococcus. Know More

Throat infection is one of the common ailments that everybody has to encounter very often throughout the life. The probable reasons are viral or bacterial infection which makes the simple task of swallowing a dreadful thing. Throat infection caused by virus generally lasts for few days whereas that caused by bacteria (streptococcus) may be more severe and long lasting. Know More

The antiseptic of the salt water can reduce you from the throat infection. Take a glass of warm water and then pour half teaspoon salt. Now, gargle several times using salt water. Please be careful that you are not swallowing the water. You must spit the water out when you finish gargling. Know More

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I am suffering throat infection last 3-4 week. Green & white mucus come.I already tried R9 reckeweg,bakson throat aid & sbl AF. Above medience give relif temporary after 6-7 hour again prob occurred.Please advised me medience. Know More

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