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Itchy, dry skin is very unpleasant. Winter makes it worse, and spending money on expensive over-the-counter remedies often doesn’t work. Know More

Dry skin is not a disease and is mainly caused due to external factors. However there might be few cases where dry skin results from internal factors like health conditions or genetic predispositions. Know More

Just as we need protection, our skin needs care as well. The kind of care that our skin needs is determined by the type of skin we have. Know More

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Dry skin occurs when the oil glands produce less oil. The problem of dry skin can be solved using Dry Skin Remedies-. This is a major problem during the winter season when the humidity level becomes low. Know More

Dry and flaky skin is a common complaint in the winter time. Cold, dry winter air sucks the life out of silky, smooth skin. Know More

Although it is important to take care of your whole skin, the skin on the face should be given even more care as a way of enhancing your overall appearance. Know More

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The monsoons usually make the skin excessively vulnerable to an array of problems. It is important for you to be more conscious and careful with your skincare regime during the monsoons. Know More

Coconut oil for skin care is an effective way for natural skin treatment. It has been traditionally used by Pacific Islanders for several decades. Know More

These days, especially in South Florida, air-conditioning is essential to daily life. The sweltering sun outside is blissfully tempered by the blast of cool air that greets you in every coffee shop, grocery store or office building. Know More

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I am experiencing super dryness on my face right now! I have heard that lemon juice, baking soda, olive oil etc all really help, but am clueless about how/what to use. Know More

Alright, I’m just taking a poll on some of the best “home remedies” for acne break outs/dry skin…Gotta wean of this Dbol early….The sides are just a little much….Know More

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