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One of the first steps in treating a cough is to identify if it is productive or dry. We discussed productive cough in an earlier post – the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. In this post, we learn more about dry cough. Know More

Coughing not only annoys you but also makes you persona non grata at the movies, the symphony, and any other place where people congregate. But if you have a “wet” cough, Know More

For the adventurous and independent sort, here’s a homemade cough syrup recipe that really works. The ingredients are a combination of spices and nutrients with no unpleasant medicinal side effects — no drowsiness, no dry mucous membranes, no cautions about using machinery or driving. Know More

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Cough is the natural process of body to clear out toxic matter and eliminate mucus from upper respiratory passages and lungs. On the other hand, excessive cough may also cause to create dryness, distress and soreness in your throat, that is caused by common cold, viral infection, smoking and flu as well as other problems related to health as lungs cancer, asthma and tuberculosis. Know More

A dry cough can be one of the most painful coughs you can suffer from. Productive coughs at least lubricate the throat and get rid of irritants, while dry coughs can be exceptionally painful. To make your cough more bearable. Know More

There are several simple home remedies as well as OTC medications or over the counter medicines ( medicines which can be purchased without the prescription of a doctor ). These OTC medications will give some sort of symptomatic relief. Know More

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My 3 year old dd has a VERY annoying dry cough that is bothering her and us all night. Every time she gets a cold she gets this cough. My husband reckons she is always coughing and there must be something wrong with her, but she has no wheeze, no temperature, no struggle to breathe. Know More

My son has this terrible dry cough, which started as congestion, productive cough, and runny nose about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Now it seems to be just this dry cough. The congestion went away. (I have the very same thing he does.) What are the most effective home remedies for this? I know about some of the remedies such as honey, etc. Know More