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Bharti AXA offers health insurance with a range of benefits to take care of you and your family’s health care needs. Our Comprehensive Health Insurance is flexible and affordable, available in 3 plans – Rs. 2 lakhs, Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs – to suit your needs and budget. Read More

Health insurance policies insure you against several illnesses and guarantee you stay financially secure should you ever require treatment. They safeguard your peace of mind, eliminate all worries about treatment expenses, and allow you to focus your energy on more important things, like getting better. Read More

Health is a major concern on everybody?s mind these days. With sky rocketing medical expenses, the possibility of any illness leading to hospitalization or surgery is a constant source of anxiety unless the family has actively provided for funds to meet such an eventuality. Read More

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Health Insurance, popularly known as medical insurance or mediclaim is a form of insurance that provides you protection against expensive treatment costs. It protects you from paying the full costs of medical services when you’re injured or sick. Just like car insurance or home insurance, you choose a plan and agree to pay a certain rate, or premium, each month. In return, your health insurer agrees to pay a portion of your covered medical costs. Read More

Medical costs and the complexity of diseases keep increasing by the day. A minor surgery can cost you anywhere between Rs 30,000 and Rs 60,000, while a cardiac treatment can cost you Rs 5 lakh, depending on the city and hospital you choose. Read More

If you have bought your own personal health insurance before 2010, in all probability, you have sum insured coverage of less than Rs. 4 Lakhs. Read More

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We are all familiar with Life Insurance and to give them the due, Life Insurance Companies have actually done a appreciable job of promoting the product. Read More

People over 50 say their top retirement financial worry is health care costs, a survey, out Friday, shows. Read More

Do you know the difference between your health insurance copay and coinsurance? Know what minimum essential coverage means or the 10 essential health benefits of the Affordable Care Act? The next open enrollment doesn’t begin until November 15, but it couldn’t hurt to brush up on the basics now. Read More

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What are some of the best health insurance plans in India? Also, what would be a good insured amount for a family of 3 (2 Adults and 1 kid)? Read More

Suggestion needed for my friend. Please suggest me a health insurance policy to cover the following persons: 1. Husband 2. wife 3. Parents Read More

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