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Around 76 per cent of women in the UK will experience hair loss, shedding or thinning at some point in their lives, according to recent research for Viviscal. View More

When we asked you what your beauty dilemma’s were, you told us you wanted help finding hairstyles for fine, thin hair. View More

Thick hair is not a requirement for pixies or bobs with or without quiff. These hairstyles look appealing even if your hair is naturally thin or if you experience excessive hair loss. View More

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Short hairstyles for thin hair has been provided in any styles. Don’t ever think that thin hair is very bad condition to do make over. Actually this condition is like a pair of coin sides. View More

If you have medium length and thin hair, don’t worry! It can be very difficult to style thin hair but if you use the right methods and products it becomes easier. View More

Women with thin hair often suffer because their hair usually appears flat and with volume. However with the right hairstyles you can give your hair density and texture. View More

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I have always loved to travel. I was that hippie child on the Indian beach, and that teenager hiking through the Grand Canyon. View More

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Hairstyles For Women – Colouring Grey Hair As we get older our hair looses its brilliance and colour. View More

My hair has sadly started to thin out and it’s only getting more and more noticeable as my hair gets longer and longer. View More