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Group Insurance Scheme is life insurance protection to groups of people. This scheme is ideal for employers, associations, societies etc. and allows you to enjoy group benefits at really low costs. Read More

The State Government Employee’s Insurance Scheme 1982 has come into force with effect from 1st May 1982. The scheme is made applicable to all employees who were in Government Service on 1st May 1982 or entered after that date and is compulsory. Read More

One of the best ways for to increase group cohesiveness is to make your group members feel cared for. Our group insurance scheme for your group members, employees and their families show them that their organization cares not only for them but also their families. Read More

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Under Group Life Insurance plan a large number of persons are insured at a low cost. The group consists of the employees of a single employer, members of same trade union or debtors of the same creditor. Read More

With a view to provide social security to anganwadi workers in the state, the Uttarakhand state government has considered to launch group insurance scheme. Read More

The undersigned in directed to refer to this Ministry’s O.M. No.7 (1)/EV/2012 dated 9th May, 2012 forwarding therewith Tables of Benefit under CGEGIS for the year 2012. Read More

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The government may launch a new insurance scheme for farmers to protect their incomes against production and price risks, agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh said on Thursday. Read More

In last year’s budget when the old age pension funded totally by the State was increased to $3,000 per month, while happy for those pensioners, the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pensioners felt aggrieved that that sum equated with their pensions earned by a combination of employers’ and employees’ contributions over a minimum period of approximately 14 1/2 years. Read More

Fisheries Ministry has opened applications for the Life Insurance scheme which covers the expenses of injuries fishermen and farmers may incur during the course of their work. Read More

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Can anyone please tell me about the taxability of group insurance scheme money received by a government employee at the time of retirement? Read More

In continuation of this Department’s Memo No. 10286-F(J), dated 14.11.2014, the undersigned is directed to say that a new table of benefits showing accumulations in the savings fund under the abovementioned scheme corresponding to a unit subscription of Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten) only per month has been drawn up for the period from 01.11.2012 to 31.10.2013 in matching with the table of benefits of the Central Govt. Read More


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