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Maharashtra is the state in the West India. The word Maharashtra is derived from the Sanskrit words Maha meaning Great and Rashtra meaning Nation, thus rendering the name Maharashtra (Great Nation). Read More

Maharashtra is a diverse state that attracts visitors with ancient cave temples, forts, mountains, wineries, spirituality, and beaches. Read More

The geography of Maharashtra shows evidence of a divine hand. Running north to south, throughout its length are the steeply rising Western Ghats. Read More

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Maharashtra is the most visited state in India in terms of numbers of foreign visitors. It is also favorite destination for domestic travelers in the country. Read More

The Land of the Marathas, Maharashtra is the 2nd most populated and the 3rd largest state in India. The state is bordered by the Arabian Sea and the primary language spoken here is Marathi. Read More… Read More

If you are located in Mumbai, Pune or any other part of Maharashtra you don’t have to go too far for honeymoon. Maharashtra has always provided the right kind of holiday experience to all kinds of travelers and people from the state, country and even internationally. Read More

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Nighoj is a village situated near Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and is famous for its natural potholes near Kukdi riverbed. It is said that these potholes were formed many years ago due to rainfall resulting river Ghodnadi to flow in great force causing erosion. Read More

Here we are to deal with most popular tourist places in Mumbai which is not just a big cosmopolitan city with great historical traditions and lineage, but a city that is to be felt and tasted in its food, in its typical urban clamor of crowd, marketplace and deadlock traffic and also in some of its astonishing monuments from yesteryears, in its quaint yet festive beach life and finally in its typical island landscape that is encircled by bay of Arabian Sea from all around and gradual waving of highlands in places. Read More

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Could you please advise which place would be good to visit in Late April? Any recommendations other than Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Lonavala, Khandala would be really helpful. Read More

Trekking is an adventure sport which requires physical fitness, endurance, persistence and will power. Man takes delight in overcoming obstacles to see nature at its best. Be in the lap of God. Read More