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Tourism in Kolkata is on its boom these days. There are lots of places to see in Kolkata. In this section, we will provide you with Calcutta tourist attractions guide. There is a plethora of sightseeing places in Kolkata. Read More

Kolkata, the ‘city of Joy’, is a city with rich cultural heritage and age old traditions. The state of West Bengal is popular for its contribution in various fields like literary works, music, dance etc. Kolkata happened to be one of the first British colonies in India. Read More

Kolkata is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the state of West Bengal. The city stands as a conglomerate of brilliant architectural styles and mesmerizing natural beauty. It is, in fact, a well-known center of many tourist expeditions in the eastern block of India. Read More

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Being the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is a concoction of the old and the new. It has ardently held onto its roots, has donned a new name but retained its old identity. It has been the breeding ground for renowned bards, economists, beauty queens, famous authors and singers. Read More

Kolkata (Calcutta) is a city located in the West Bengal state, on the Eastern edge of India. It is a huge city that teems with never ending streams of honking traffic, businesses, restaurants and street food, and a share of attractions. Read More

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We often run to far off places to spend our vacation. But we forget that there are some lovely places near our own city which can be reached in 3-6hrs. I love to travel like most of the fellow Bhp-ians. Read More