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The city of smiles, of lights, of a thousand faces, endearingly called the Pearl City, Hyderabad offers a variety of tourist attractions ranging from Heritage monuments, Lakes and Parks, Gardens and Resorts, Museums to delectable cuisine and a delightful shopping experience. Know More

Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the southern part of the country of India, the city of Hyderabad houses a number of places of interest. Starting from historical places of visit to the beauty of nature, the city has all. Know More

Hyderabad is a capital city of Andhra Pradesh. It is a hub of IT industry. It is a fourth most populous city of India. Hyderabad was ruled by Mughals and Nizams. Hyderabad has good tourism. Tourism industry forms an important role in the economy of Hyderabad. Know More

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I’ve listed some of the best Hyderabad tourist attractions on this page just to give you an idea of what you can look forward to on your trip to Hyderabad. In fact I’m making it easy for you. Know More

Hyderabad is one of the most visited city in India, this is due to its tourists values and places to visit while there, tourism in the city is regarded to spur the economy of the region, it has nice buildings featuring great architectural masterpieces, being the largest city within the Southern part of India. Know More

When we moved to Hyderabad a few years ago we were told there are no places to see in and around Hyderabad except for  Charminar and Golconda Fort and you can not drive anywhere as everything is more than 500 KM away. Know More

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Hyderabad has been gifted so many famous tourist places and famous buildings. One can explore the culture and traditions and living style of Hyderabad by visiting these places Charminar, Meca Masjid, Laad Baazar, Golconda Fort Birla Mandir. Know More