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xanax online shipping Japanese denim and clothing brand Edwin has unveiled its lookbook for the AW14 season, revealing a move towards more specialist and technical styles. More Details Without going on and on about building the perfect capsule wardrobe, this time we picked a single item that will take you from summer to autumn with full dignity: the jacket. More Details

cheapest 2mg xanax From Fall to Winter, New York to Paris and everything in between, Esquire has you covered with the latest 2014 fashion trends for men from the runway straight to your wardrobe. More Details

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I’m sitting here enjoying a hot cup tea, trying to get the creative juices flowing for this next article. Since everyone loves top lists, I thought I’d give you guys something you probably don’t see too often, a quick list of some practical fashion tips. More Details

Still, you better make sure the advice you’re getting is legit. Given the fact that every other dude and their mom has a blog these days, we took it upon ourselves to sift out a few that were worth mentioning. So stick around, you might learn something. In no particular order, here are The 25 Best Men’s Style Blogs Right Now. More Details

Our list of favorite men’s fashion blogs is composed not purely on popularity or the latest trends (though many are popular and trendy). Instead, we wanted to list brands we love – namely, sites that are crazy about helping men. More Details

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IT’S RARE THAT Giuseppe Santamaria will stop a well-dressed man on the street to take his picture. Instead, the photographer and art director—a Sydney, Australia-based Canadian expat—tends to capture subjects as they stroll on by, often when they’re freshly dressed and en route to work. More Details

Take a shopping trip and refresh your wardrobe with fashionable finds—jackets, shoes, accessories and more—at these affordable men’s boutiques in NYC. More Details

Men’s Health magazine curated a luxury menswear fashion show at the Myntra Fashion Weekend at Palladium Hotel in Mumbai on Saturday night, and set the stage to redefine the rules of men’s fashion. Firstly, the magazine did away with high brow designer wear and chose to showcase ‘real guy’ looks with ready-to-wear collections from across various brands. More Details

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What do you think looks good fashion-wise? More Details

Guys, what are your favourite clothing brands, ‘looks/styles’, stores e.t.c. More Details

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buy discount xanax Gentlemen of Style
Over the past weeks, we have published fewer articles because we were working on our very first eBook – Gentlemen of Style. This book focuses on men’s clothing in the US in the 1930’s as worn by elegant Gentleman using Apparel Arts Fashion Illustrations from Fellows, Saalburg, Oxner, Hurd etc.