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Who says that having diabetes means you can’t still whip up delicious, homemade food? When you know the basics of meal planning, you can make almost any recipe work. So don’t throw out your cookbooks or toss your favorite recipes. Instead, take some tips about how to cook wisely. Read More

Contrary to popular belief, there is really no such thing as a diabetic diet. The way that you cook for a person with diabetes is the same way you should already cook for your entire family. Read More

Honey Grapefruit With Banana – This fruity dish is a perfect breakfast or dessert plate. Grapefruit ranks low on the glycemic index, and the dish uses mint, a “free food” to add flavor. Read More

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According to the American Diabetes Association, 25.8 million people in the United States have diabetes, and 79 million people are considered prediabetic. With those staggering numbers, it’s no wonder many cooks are in search of healthy meal ideas for those living with diabetes. Read More

What do you do when you have a diabetic guest coming over? Here are some quick and easy tips for Cooking for Diabetic Guests! Read More

Here you’ll find valuable information on diabetes and low-carbohydrate foods for the diabetic. Also included is information on the glycemic index and response. Cooking for a diabetic can be challenging since it is necessary to watch the amount of carbohydrates consumed in the course of a day. Read More

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SCHERTZ – The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service offices for Guadalupe, Bexar and Comal counties will present a series of four Cooking Well with Diabetes classes in November at Schertz United Methodist Church, 3460 Roy Richard Drive in Schertz. Read More

Diabetes mellitus is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disability and death. Efforts are on to stem the tide through the discovery of new drugs and improvement on the older ones. Whether this effort is yielding good results is not evident in the clinical picture in the patients. Read More

The key to staying healthy on a diabetic diet is watching foods that contain sugar and carbohydrates. One should never have to cut anything out of their diet. Read More

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I’m looking to host a big dinner and want to make it as diabetic friendly as possible. I’m also looking to not make special diabetic friendly dishes that only 1 person gets. I want to make meals that everyone can have. Read More

I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and, high blood pressure also. I am having trouble finding recipes that are low in sugar and salt. I can usually find one but not both.  Read More

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