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If you search the Internet, there are literally hundreds of hair loss remedies and treatments that claim to help reduce or prevent hair loss. Unfortunately, the majority of these treatments yield no results because these treatments do not address the primary cause of hair loss for most people. Read More

When I think of coconut oil, I remember that I used to be one of those girls at school who hated my mother massaging coconut oil onto my hair, leaving me looking like a nerd. But today, years later when I bump into other classmates I thank my mom for not giving into my sobs. Read More

Have you noticed an increasing number of hair care products include essential oils as main ingredients? If you look closer, you’ll see that Coconut oil is by far the most included ingredient in all of those products. Read More

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Coconut oil is a blessing for hair and is extremely effective for all hair types. In fact, this is probably the most effective conditioner ever, and coconut oil helps with damaged hair plus encourages hair regrowth. Read these 6 tips and make the most of your hair today. Read More

Hair loss happens. It is certainly normal to loose strands of hair every day, sometimes hundreds. These strands regrow as part of the normal growth and loss cycle…. Read More

Everybody wants to have beautiful and shiny hair, and one of the oldest treatments to obtain beautiful hair is coconut oil. For generations, people are using coconut oil due to its effectiveness to enrich every hair strands from outside to inside. Read More

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IT’S dubbed by many as a “super cure” for ailments from diabetes to dry skin. Here are the five health benefits of this natural product.  Read More

You might have seen tons of advertisements on television stating that coconut oil is good for your hair. Though you might have ignored that boring and repeated advertisement like a million times, you should have at least once paid attention to what they are actually advising you on. Read More

It won’t be an exaggeration to call it ‘magic oil’ as its multi-purpose usability and several incredible benefits qualify it to be! Read More

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When i massage coconut oil on hair how much time i can take it on hair & wash? Read More

I have been suffering from hair loss and premature graying of hairs for last few months after two consecutive pregnancies. Read More