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The best way to think of the way hair grows is to picture a garden. How well it grows is completely a result of what is happening “underground.” Read More

Unexplained, excessive hair loss can be worrying and scary. The good news is, there’s often a way to fix it. Here are 9 causes of hair loss in women, and how to treat them. Read More

It’s true that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, mostly due to male pattern baldness (more on that later). Read More

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Many women complain about growing hair where they don’t want it and losing it where they do – especially as they get older. This dilemma has many possible explanations, including hormonal changes, genetics or even an underlying medical condition. Read More

Not just men, women too suffer from hair loss. While men may lose hair in a different pattern, women mostly complain of decreasing density of hair, of parting showing through increasingly, receding hair line or of a bald patch. Read More

I want to say a couple of things here at the beginning about hair loss because I imagine some of you might be women in your 20s or 30s and perhaps this doesn’t even effect you. Read More

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Suddenly seeing clumps of hair on your pillow in the morning or clogging up the shower drain can be scary. But hair loss isn’t just from aging—there are some bad habits that could the cause. Read More

Everyone loses hair. It happens during your morning shower, while you’re blowing it dry, or when you give it a quick brush—and that’s normal. “On average, we lose fifty to a hundred hairs a day,” Read More

People who earn £75,000 a year or more are more likely to believe the stress of their jobs is causing their hair to fall out. Read More

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I am not even sure how to begin…I began losing my hair when I was about 13. That was also about the time I dyed my hair for the first time. I don’t know if that has anything to do with my hair loss, but up until then I had a very full head of thick, healthy, curly hair. (The next time I dyed my again was much later on when I was 18.). Read More

I’ve heard some hair loss in women can be expected with age but are there any natural nutrients that can be used to help or aid in controlling the problem? Its kinda sad to see ones tresses go down the drain after shampooing. Read More