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Scroll down to discover the delicious range of Cadbury recipes made with your favourite Cadbury products. Read More

As a child, one looks forward to many events throughout the year – birthdays, Easter, Christmas, to name a few. I looked forward to all of those myself! Read More

Sieve all the three powder twice. Keep it aside. (the quantity of the sugar should be half the quantity of powder). Read More

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Have you ever wanted to create your own custom created chocolate (candy) bar but have been intimidated by the fact that you have to temper chocolate? Read More

Easter mornings when me and my brother were children always started with egg hunts in our garden, or my grandma’s garden or, on particularly good years, both. Read More

Milk chocolate is synonymous with childhood. Smeared cheeks, sticky fingers, sweet breath and foil wrappers stowed away in books as treasures. Read More

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I’m becoming one of those women who has an opinion about everything. Yep. You know the type who interrupts someone mid-sentence to say ‘you want to know what I think about that?’ Read More

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Calling all bacon lovers! Saturday, Aug. 30 is International Bacon Day, a holiday dedicated entirely to the popular meat treat. Started in 2004 by three University of Colorado Boulder graduate students, the holiday is celebrated the Saturday before U.S. Labor Day. Read More

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This is just a speculation, but does anyone else think the recipe has changed? It used to have a nice warm milk aftertaste but now it is less fragrant and more burnt sugary IMO. I am just curious if anyone agrees or if it is my imagination. Read More

What are the ingredients in Cadbury chocolate? Read More