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From navy to cornflower to teal, use the many shades of blue to bring a calm, clean, and classic feel to any living room. View More

For this Washington D.C. home, designer Darryl Carter chose classic milky shades, as well as the palest robin’s egg blue (Albermarle Blue by Darryl Carter Colors by Benjamin Moore) in the master bedroom. View More

Patterns, prints, colors, and textures come together to create the ultimate livable space. View More

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Blue space decorating ideas are tranquil and relaxing. Light blue colour makes home interiors appear more roomy and ethereal, visually growing rooms size and including more mild to house decor. View More

19 of The Best Wall Color Ideas For Bedroom. View More

Most interesting and gorgeous image Living Room Color Ideas Blue – will shine in all its pretty on your desktop. Every computer user wishes his computer reflects the fancies and dreams and funny image on their desktop. View More

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Does anyone have a blue living room? View More

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