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I’m sure you can identify with the  hundreds of women who contemplate cutting off all their hair just to minimize their day to day prep time. Short hairstyles are excellent for busy women because they tend to require little maintenance. Know More

Welcome to our Top 100 Hairstyles 2014 for Black Women! We believe that the start of a new year is the best time for a change, so why not mix it up and try a new hairstyle for 2014? We’ve chosen 100 fabulous hairstyles worn by the hottest black female celebrities to inspire you. Know More

It is always fascinating how physical beauty can be so diverse and yet it has a common trait—pleasing to the naked eye. Likewise, whether you are black or white, brown or red, or whatever color, beauty stands out as something which is pleasing to the eye. Know More

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Short black bob hairstyles can be a choice today. This hairstyle usually chosen by woman to looks simple and still sweet and cute. Hair is the crown of a woman who must be kept with any hair model. Know More

If you’re tired of hair breakage from weaves, wigs, and chemical straightening, or if you’re just looking for a fresh new look, why not consider natural hairstyles? Natural styles can be great for your hair and your personal style – and there are so many options to choose from! Know More

Black women are known for their unique beauty and outstanding confidence. With millions of people against the black people, they still manage to make their place among all the other individuals. They make it count that your skin tone does not define your potential. Know More

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During this century, Europeans traded on the west coast of Africa with people wearing elaborate hairstyles, including locs, plaits and twists, reports Know More

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A young black woman takes a bunch of middle-aged white women who she doesn’t know in Woodstock, N.Y., to a black salon, gives them a new “black” hairdo, and then takes their portrait. Know More

Nice Short Hairstyles for Black Women 2014. Know More