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Meet the open water swimmers who feel the positive link between exercise and emotion

benefits of swimmingOpen water swimmers have long enjoyed the positive link between exercise and emotion, writes Clodagh Finn  What is it about the invigorating experience of swimming in open water that makes us wax lyrical? Her memoir may be made into a film but Ruth Fitzmaurice’s testimony of how the sea can reset the button in any situation is a story that is played out daily around the coast and in the thousands of unspoiled lakes and rivers around Ireland. Some wild swimmers will tell you that it feels like freedom. Via

Swimmers are more active and healthier than regular excercisers

health benefits of swimmingPeople who choose swimming over other exercise have a higher average step count, better sleep and a healthier heart, according to Nokia. The company, which used data from its Nokia Health Mate app, found that the number of users logging swimming sessions increased around 35% between March and June 2017. Via




Benefits of Swimming for Children

Amazing Health Benefits Of Swimming – Importance Of Swimming Effects Of Swimming On Skin Hair & Body

10 Hidden Benefits of Swimming


Regular exercise, such as swimming, improves memory function and thinking skills. This is good not only for the classroom and work, but it is beneficial for us as we age too. Regular exercise reduces inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain, which fosters new brain cell growth. Swimming also improves mood, anxiety, and stress, which increases the brain’s ability to think more efficiently. Read more

Swimming Workouts for Beginners

Swimming has always been considered a great cardio workout, and a much more fun alternative to running, as seeing a big pool of water always brings out the kid in us!

Swimming exercises strengthen the core, increase flexibility and give you the toned “Michael Phelps” look. This tone in the muscles is due to the 12-14% increase in resistance from water compared to air. A study by the University of Florida found out that a swimmer burns 44% more calories when a pool is heated to 68 degrees Fr. Rather than 91 degrees. The swimming speed too plays a bog role in calorie burning.  Read More