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When I do grocery shopping, I also do my beauty shopping at the same time, because plenty of natural products from a supermarket can be used for our beauty routine. Read More

Olive oil is one of the most beneficial natural products and is known to have very high nutritive value since its discovery about 5,000 years ago. Olive oil is extracted from the crop of the olive tree which is native to the Mediterranean basin. Read More

Over the last decade, everyone has been harping on the beauty benefits of olive oil, but the truth is this kitchen staple has been used on the body since ancient times (thank you, Cleopatra). Read More

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By now, we all know that olive oil is really good for our health and has tons of benefits like lowering the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, preventing strokes, improving the immune system, etc. Read More

The extensive health benefits of olive oil are known to humans since ancient times when they were first identified by the father of medicine Hippocrates. Read More

In an ideal world, every kitchen would contain at least one bottle of olive oil. Olive oil is commonly used in Mediterranean countries. It is no coincidence that people in countries like Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey have a comparatively high average life expectancy. Regularly consuming olive oil offers numerous health benefits. Read More

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Raiding your kitchen may be better for your beauty regime than hitting the parlour. Swetha Padmanabhan explores how olive oil can replace some of your store-bought products in this online exclusive. Read More

Nutritionists have long touted the heart-healthy benefits of extra-virgin olive oil. Read More

Interesting fact about turning 50: Things change surprisingly fast. For example, everything’s just a tad bit … drier. My hair, skin, eyes and, umm, other places, too. Read More

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7 Extraordinary Uses for Olive Oil Read More

I was just going through the collection of tips by saroj in this Forum.. While going through a thread for getting skin glow and i came across mixing castor oil and almond oil treatment.. Read More

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