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As the name suggests, mustard oil is a fatty vegetable oil extracted from the mustard seeds. It is dark yellow in color and slightly pungent. There are generally three types of mustard oils depending upon the manner of extraction. Read More

I have read about so many oils being good for the body but never heard from anyone about the usage of mustard oil on the body. Read More

our skin loses strength and elasticity as you age, which can cause skin to sag and wrinkle. Mustard essential oil helps restore elasticity, tightens your skin and reduces the signs of aging, according to Valerie Ann Worwood, author of “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.” Read More

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Indians know how mustard oil has been propagated in our households all the time, now many of us have swtiched to olive and canola oil and have pushed this mircaulous oil to the margins but let me bring this post to you today so we can revive our love for this oil that our grandmoms would still chose hands down any day over olive oil and the like. Read More

Today I am going to talk all about the benefits of mustard oil. Mustard oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fugal properties, and is also abundant in the following. Vitamin and protein supplements, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, and vitamin E, supported by lesser amounts of foliate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Read More

I have come to know the benefits of mustard oil for hair, skin and even for face only few months ago. 95% of my cooking holds mustard seeds in the ingredients list. Read More

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It’s easy to get confused when you step into the cooking oil aisle at your local supermarket — from old favourites like groundnut, mustard and sunflower, to newer entrants like canola, rice bran and olive, the options vying for your attention are numerous. Read More

Mustard oil has many hair benefits as it contains beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A which further stimulates hair growth. You can apply mustard oil on your hair to increase hair growth and also fight dandruff naturally. Read More

We use mustard oil for cooking to get good taste and it has many health benefits too. We can use mustard oil for beautifying our skin also. Read More

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How Mustard Oil Benefits your Health?? Read More

These are the benefits of apply or massage Mustard oil before you shampoo. It really softens rough and dry hair. (From my own experience) Read More

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